Real Immigration Reform Now

Illegal immigration costs North Carolina taxpayers $1.75 billion net annually. Read the full report click here to learn more about the impact of illegal immigration on NC.

NC Listen advocates these 4 basic immigration policies to combat illegal immigration and increasing legal immigration:

  1. Enforce Immigration Laws and Control Our Borders
  2. No More Amnesties
  3. Return to Lower, More Sensible Legal Immigration
  4. No additional “Guest Worker” Programs; Require E-Verify – Americans Need Jobs

You can learn more about these policy recommendations on our Policy Page.

NC House must pass HB 318 to fix our broken State E-Verify law. Citizens need jobs, not illegals.

The NC House and the NC Senate need to move forward in the 2015 session to fix our State E-Verify law which was gutted in 2013. HB 318 will do just that and take care of an issue brought up before about farmers. In HB 318 farmers will not be required to check farm workers through E-Verify. The NC House and NC Senate passed and then overrode Governor McCrory’s veto to keep H.786 as law in 2013. H.786 is state legislation that is in effect a major jobs bill to help illegal immigrants get jobs and the unscrupulous companies who hire them to get away with it, to the detriment of unemployed citizens. Ironically and sadly our State still has high real unemployment. The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics U-6 measure of unemployment for North Carolina is 10%. The labor participation rate of people working between the ages of 16 and 65 in our State is at one of the lowest levels since the federal government began tracking the rate in 1976. How will helping illegal immigrants get jobs do anything but bring harm to our own unemployed citizens?

The NC House and NC Senate have cut public benefits to our unemployed citizens to “encourage them” as they put it to “go find a job”. Let’s take equal time to fix our State E-Verify law and give citizens a fair chance at a job instead of illegal immigrants. Companies who abide by our labor and immigration laws are at a competitive disadvantage when they have to compete against companies who break our laws and hire illegal labor and don’t withhold payroll taxes nor properly account for Workers Comp and unemployment tax, etc. And those hiring illegal labor then send their illegal workers to government agencies, our hospital emergency rooms, and non-profit groups to milk society even more, which leaves less help for poor citizens.

President Obama’s unlawful amnesty for illegal immigrants

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

It is hard to remember in American history when a sitting U.S. president has had such disdain for his own citizens, and such disregard for our Constitution.

President Obama is apparently in his mind entering the Imperial Presidency phase of his second term. It is shameful the President’s national priority is helping illegal immigrants remain in the USA in violation of our immigration laws and provide them work permits and Social Security numbers, while over 16 million citizens are either unemployed or are working part-time and want a full-time job but cannot find one. Unfortunately the American people are paying the price for Obama’s lack of real experience and poor judgment.

Contact your U.S. House member and let him or her know what you think of President Obama’s priorities and unconstitutional actions.

Illegal border surge – why it is happening and solutions

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Immigration is not complicated in general but it can become complicated, confusing, and at times emotional. Our opponents to real immigration enforcement and reform play the emotional card on a routine basis because facts are not on their side. I have compiled more data and facts about the surge of illegal alien minors to our southern border. President Obama plans more end-runs around enforcing our immigration laws and may send illegal aliens and minors from the recent border surge to North Carolina…….

The problem began not because of political strife and fear in the primary sending countries of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala as promoted by the Obama Administration, but instead because of weak enforcement of our immigration laws, a loosening of asylum procedures pushed by the Obama administration within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and actual amnesties (i.e. DACA, etc) implemented unconstitutionally by President Obama and his ink pen. Honduran President Juan Hernandez recently said, “border crossers believe they can get amnesty……..and Obama administration rhetoric provides this belief”.

Below is testimony from the U.S. House Judiciary committee on this matter:

Eric Cantor told the truth and lost, but Renee Ellmers lied and earlier won

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Republican U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told the truth in general about his immigration positions of advocating for more foreign workers and openly supported a partial amnesty for illegals, and he lost in the Republican primary last night. On the other hand, Congresswoman Renee Ellmers’ campaign spent hundreds of thousands of dollars (not including Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook bankrolling more campaign ads for her) lying about her real immigration positions of large scale amnesty, support for even more foreign workers, and citizenship for the newly amnestied illegals and she won the 2nd District Republican primary.

Eric Cantor outspent his Republican primary opponent, David Brat, by times 24, and was supported by the open borders U.S. Chamber of Commerce…….but Cantor for the most part was trying to win with his immigration positions being known. As pointed out, Congresswoman Renee Ellmers openly lied about her immigration positions. Her Republican primary opponent, Frank Roche, was unable to generate enough campaign contributions to fund TV ads to point out her lies. And too many conservatives in the 2nd District decided in error that Frank couldn’t win and held their nose and voted for Ellmers in the primary. The conservatives in the 7th Congressional District of Virginia didn’t make that mistake and supported Republican conservative and true immigration reformer David Brat, not the incumbent Republican. David Brat had agreed to all 12 of the immigration reform and enforcement principles of NumbersUSA to include reducing legal immigration, just as Frank Roche had done.

Also the Republican establishment and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have been active in trashing and cashing (funding candidates who do their bidding) against Tea Party supported candidates in general. Even though the national Tea Party movement provided only modest support to David Brat, local conservatives with Tea Party beliefs made a HUGE difference in helping Brat to win.

NC LISTEN meets with Renee Ellmers – she says citizens won’t work, calls us racist

Immigration Reformers and Concerned Citizens,

It took me months to setup a meeting in person with Congresswoman Renee Ellmers. The day of our meeting an email was sent after 10 am asking for us to move the meeting from Dunn to Asheboro. I was told by her assistant there was less seating in the Asheboro office so I said some of us can just stand, and I scrambled and contacted all ten attendees who were constituents, some already on their way to Dunn but we met in Asheboro. Congresswoman Ellmers already in Asheboro arrived 17 minutes late and said we had only until 4 pm (13 minutes) to speak with her. As she arrived she said only 3 persons could meet in her office, even though there were four chairs and plenty of standing room. I mentioned how we scrambled to meet her in Asheboro with her last minute change and all ten attendees are her constituents and her reply was, “I am in charge and only three can be in the meeting”, so the others had to wait in her small lobby just outside her office and to add insult to injury they closed the door on the 7 constituents.

I have arranged 11 group trips to Washington, DC over the last 12 years to meet with US House members and US Senators from North Carolina to discuss immigration reform, not to mention other trips I made to DC myself and local trips, so I have had a lot of experience meeting with members of Congress. Today’s meeting with Congresswoman Ellmers was the most contemptible meeting with a member of Congress I have taken part in. From the beginning she showed a sense of arrogance and disdain for meeting with us. If you heard the audio clip from the Laura Ingraham radio show of Laura interviewing Renee Ellmers, today was deja vu. When she wasn’t interrupting me she was constantly changing the subject, with a look of glee in her eye as if she thought she was being clever. I have studied immigration and immigration policies for nearly 20 years, and she was the most misinformed and uninformed member of Congress I have ever spoken with on the matter of immigration reform…..and that is saying something.

Just as Congresswoman Ellmers called Laura Ingraham ignorant during their interview, Congresswoman Ellmers went a few steps further by calling me ignorant, a racist, and dense during our meeting…….these insults were sprinkled through our discussion which was about immigration policies and her own statements about immigration reform. I refrained from any personal name calling. As we know, these kinds of insults are usually used by those who have weak arguments or are under the age of ten.
Below is a recap of some of the matters I tried to discuss as she attempted to change the subject approximately every 30 seconds. Our meeting eventually lasted about 40 minutes.
I stated that NC LISTEN believes we need real enforcement of our immigration laws first without any legal work permits for illegals nor an amnesty. Ellmers believes we must give legal work permits to illegal immigrants. She denied stating the following but in an op-ed piece in the Fayetteville Observer on January 18, 2014 she wrote, “only after this legal work status is obtained (by illegals) can they have the opportunity to begin the naturalization process”. The naturalization process is a path to citizenship. I pointed out again that she wrote this and she denied it again.
I asked her why she was for giving legal work permits to illegal immigrants when we have 20 million citizens in the USA who are either unemployed or are working part-time but want and cannot find a full-time job (also called the U-6 rate) and that the U-6 unemployment rate in North Carolina is near 14%. Even with her attempting to change the subject, I asked her repeatedly and she NEVER would answer that question.

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