Real Immigration Reform Now

Illegal immigration costs North Carolina taxpayers $1.75 billion net annually. Read the full report click here to learn more about the impact of illegal immigration on NC.

NC Listen advocates these 4 basic immigration policies to combat illegal immigration and increasing legal immigration:

  1. Enforce Immigration Laws and Control Our Borders
  2. No More Amnesties
  3. Return to Lower, More Sensible Legal Immigration
  4. No additional “Guest Worker” Programs; Require E-Verify – Americans Need Jobs

You can learn more about these policy recommendations on our Policy Page.

IRLI sues the Lawless Obama Administration. Will Hillary Be Transparent on Immigration?

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), a supporting organization of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), has recently filed two lawsuits seeking records from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

This is due to the Obama Administration’s unlawful open-borders programs along with the unlawful amnesty and their refusal to enforce our immigration laws. IRLI believes internal documents will prove what we all know.

IRLI is having to sue because of the agencies stonewalling in response to requests for internal documents. Does this have an unfortunate but familiar “Hillarial” sound……refusing to provide government-related documents? Hillary Clinton has already stated she will use executive orders to go around Congress if they don’t do what she wants on immigration. Hillary has stated she will give an amnesty (path to citizenship) to illegal immigrants. If Hillary Clinton were to become President, IRLI will find itself in déjà vu.

Who Will Pick The Next U.S. Supreme Court Justices And Why It May Threaten Our Way of Life

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has incredible powers, although many see it as just one of the three branches of our federal government. With the wrong Justices, the SCOTUS can literally rewrite our U.S. Constitution and take rights and protections away from citizens. I would make the case they have already started. There is already one opening due to Justice Scalia passing away, and a very liberal President in January nominating a very liberal Justice to the SCOTUS would tip the current balance to a liberal SCOTUS. Actually our next President of the USA will likely have the opportunity to nominate three Justices to the SCOTUS, and this will affect our Supreme Court for the next three decades. With additional very liberal Justices, given what is going on today, our nation will become unrecognizable and may never recover.

We watched the current SCOTUS vote in a court case to require every citizen to purchase health care (nowhere in the U.S. Constitution), Obamacare, and then the SCOTUS proceeded in another court case to redefine a word, marriage, that had been understood without question since 1300. There are other concerns such as will a Jurist to the SCOTUS honestly interpret the law and be a strict constructionist or attempt to rewrite our Constitution. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (nominated to the Supreme Court by Bill Clinton in 1993) has caused another concern as she said we should use the laws of other nations to determine U.S. law. Also, Sharia law is creeping into our lower court system. Justice Elena Kagan (nominated to the Supreme Court by Barack Obama) has made similar comments as Ginsburg about international law having weight when interpreting our Constitution. The U.S. President also nominates numerous federal judges in lower courts.

A recent case in the SCOTUS challenging President Obama’s use of a large scale amnesty and attempting to rewrite existing immigration laws and usurp powers reserved for Congress was not defeated, but with a vote of 4 to 4, was sent back to a lower federal court. All of the Democrat appointees to the SCOTUS voted to allow powers Obama does not legally have. This ruling was especially scary given the case was really about the Separation of Powers between the President and the U.S. Congress as defined in our Constitution.

The Democrat leadership allows even more Syrian refugees in the USA in a “back door” move

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Hillary Clinton has stated she wants to allow more refugees from the Middle East to come to the USA by an increase of over 500%. President Obama just recently misused the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program, similar to several of his unlawful executive orders on immigration, in which he will allow more Syrians refugees in the USA beyond Congressional limits in a “back door” move. Obama’s irresponsible use of TPS for Syrian refugees puts our homeland security at risk again, because we cannot adequately do background security checks on these refugees. Given Hillary Clinton’s comments on refugees and her promise to go around Congress if they don’t do what she wants on immigration, one can expect more of the same from a “President Hillary”.

Go to the weblink below for two short videos discussing and detailing this dangerous action on Syrian refugees.

Click on this link “Weblink to More Syrian Refugees in the USA.

Ask Roy Cooper, running for Governor, why he is weak on immigration enforcement

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,


NC Attorney General Roy Cooper (D) is running for Governor of North Carolina, yet he has no policies or mention on his website as to how he would stop illegal immigration or punish “sanctuary cities” in North Carolina that coddle illegal immigrants.

Governor Pat McCrory (R) on the other hand has encouraged and signed illegal immigration enforcement state legislation and is calling for more enforcement at the state level in ways our state can legally take action.

What are the facts on Khizr Khan’s comments at the DNC attacking a temporary ban on Muslim immigration

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

I think the truth is important and then let viewers decide for themselves how to evaluate a political incident. First it is always a sad moment when anyone suffers the loss of a child. Khizr Khan’s son, CPT Humayun Khan, died while serving the USA and he is a hero. It is everyone’s right to give their opinion on immigration or any other political issues, especially a Gold Star family. In an important election year, it is also right to evaluate an important speech on a national stage when one observes misstatements. And it is fair to evaluate a Presidential candidate’s response.

Mr. Khan distorted Donald Trump’s position on immigration as it relates to refugees. Mr. Khan also misspoke about what our US Constitution really says about naturalization and immigration. This is more troubling as Mr. Khan held up a copy of the US Constitution, as if to certify his comment, and also forgot to tell us he is an immigration attorney and specializes in a visa category of particular concern. Mr. Khan has been accused of publishing some earlier opinions on Sharia law that are of great interest.

In this particular political incident, I am personally bothered by Mr. Khan’s misrepresentations on a national stage at a political convention, and I am also bothered by Donald Trump’s choice of words in response. However I am most bothered by Hillary Clinton using Mr. Khan, knowing he was going to repeat misrepresentations, as a political prop at the Democratic National Convention.

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