Real Immigration Reform Now

Illegal immigration costs North Carolina taxpayers $1.75 billion net annually. Read the full report click here to learn more about the impact of illegal immigration on NC.

NC Listen advocates these 4 basic immigration policies to combat illegal immigration and increasing legal immigration:

  1. Enforce Immigration Laws and Control Our Borders
  2. No More Amnesties
  3. Return to Lower, More Sensible Legal Immigration
  4. No additional “Guest Worker” Programs; Require E-Verify – Americans Need Jobs

You can learn more about these policy recommendations on our Policy Page.

Hillary Clinton wants amnesty and mass immigration and what’s best for her politically, while Trump wants security and a wall and what is in our national interest

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Hillary Clinton says fences won’t work at our southern border to stop illegal immigration, but she uses fences around the Democratic National Convention to keep Bernie protesters out. Hillary’s stated immigration policies and the Democrat Party Platform are basically identical and offer amnesty for illegal immigrants along with access to Obamacare and more services and legal work permits for illegals with little mention of any enforcement of our immigration laws. Hillary would allow even more legal immigration and drastically increase the number of refugees from the Middle East, knowing full well we cannot conduct adequate security background checks on them. Her new VP pick, Tim Kaine, just echoed Hillary’s promise to give an amnesty to illegal immigrants within her first 100 days in office. Kaine recently stated again Hillary’s amnesty plan to the Telemundo network in a continuing attempt to pander and divide our nation.

Read further down below on the immigration stance of the Libertarian Party and it isn’t much better than Hillary’s and the Democrat’s disastrous immigration platform.

The Republican Party platform on immigration, significantly impacted by Donald Trump’s positions, is one that serves our national interests, protects our homeland security, will require intense background checks on refugees, honors the rule of law, will deny any kind of amnesty for illegal immigrants, protects jobs for legal residents by requiring E-Verify, will adopt sensible legal immigration instead of the mass legal immigration of the one million per year now allowed (and how can any nation do legitimate background checks on a million people per year), supports English as the official language of the USA, and promises to build a wall (I would recommend a dual fence structure but I have always understood “the wall” to be a significant physical barrier that works) on our southern border. These are just some of the highlights of the serious yet sensible immigration platform of the Republican Party.

President Obama is partnering with Hillary Clinton to increase the number of refugees, in this case Obama will bypass refugee resettlement caps almost limitlessly

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

President Obama is partnering with Hillary Clinton to increase the number of refugees coming into the USA above the current refugee caps, and this further threatens our homeland security.

In this instance President Obama is again misusing our immigration system and appears to care little about our security and concerns. Obama has teamed up with 15+ large corporations at his request to again go around Congress and route an almost limitless number of additional refugees through existing visa programs such as visas for work and education in order to force feed even more refugees above current government refugee resettlement caps into our communities. If refugees knowingly come in through alternate visa programs, their background checks will be weak and/or non-existent. We have legal immigration visa programs literally from A to Z that already allow over one million legal immigrants per year to the USA. For most visa programs the security background checks are embarrassingly weak and on average take 10 minutes as the reviewer normally examines documents presented by the visa applier at face value.

A great way to stop this mess is to vote in the upcoming Presidential election. The next President will either continue with this madness or bring it to a stop.

U.S. Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis vote for Kate’s Law and to Stop Sanctuary Cities in the USA – Democrats Vote to Kill Both Bills

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

On July 5th our U.S. Senators from North Carolina, Richard Burr (R) and Thom Tillis (R), both voted for S.2193 Stop Illegal Reentry Act (Kate’s Law) and S.3100 Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act and joined almost all Republicans in support. Sadly neither of these bills passed in the U.S. Senate because of a near unanimous vote by Democrat Senators to kill both bills. One has only to wonder the misguided logic behind opposing these bills. A vote against these two bills is choosing to favor illegal immigrants over citizens and mockery of the rule of law.

A thank you goes to Sen Richard Burr and Sen Thom Tillis.


NC General Assembly wimps out in short session and passes no state immigration enforcement legislation

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

I am disappointed with the NC General Assembly during the recent short session as it relates to state immigration enforcement legislation in which the courts have allowed certain latitude. The main reasons the five bills did not pass are political weakness and choosing the will of big donors and cheap labor advocates over the will of their own citizens. It became apparent to me over a month ago that the bills would not pass except for HB 100 which was going to be “the bill” for the short session that would pretend to get tough on illegal immigration, so NC LISTEN engaged much less, but in in the end even that bill was stalled.

NC LISTEN’s calculations of the cost to citizens of not passing the below state legislation in dollars alone is over $6 billion a year……largest costs are wages lost to citizens due to illegal immigration with state paying unemployment insurance to citizens along with some medical assistance, and the costs to all of us due to companies not paying Worker’s Comp or withholding taxes on illegals and often misclassifying their employees as independent contractors.

The heroes noted below are the bill sponsors of H 1069, H 1086, H 100, S 868, and H 482. These bills dealt with tightening our especially weak existing state E-Verify statutes to protect jobs for citizens and deny jobs to illegal immigrants, disallow all basic use of community ID cards, punish “sanctuary cities” by withholding state funds, make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to vote, and punishing employers who misclassify workers and don’t obey Worker’s Comp rules (same set of dirt bags who often hire illegal immigrants).

More terror plots but Judge dismisses Fed requirement to consult with States on refugees

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

According to new Congressional data hundreds of terror plots have been attempted in the USA since 9/11, mostly involving foreign-born suspects to include dozens of refugees. According to US Senator Jeff Sessions “the data makes clear the USA not only lacks the ability to properly screen foreign individuals prior to their arrival here, but also that our nation has an unprecedented assimilation problem”.

With this as a backdrop, Federal District Judge David C. Godbey recently dismissed all of the State of Texas’ claims against the federal government and International Rescue Committee (IRC) in its suit against them over the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the Lone Star State and failing to consult with the State on the resettlement of Syrian refugees within Texas. Federal law states that the Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement “shall consult” with state and local governments and voluntary non-profit agencies concerning the sponsorship process and the intended distribution of refugees among the states and localities before their placement.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton expressed his disappointment in Judge Godbey’s order in a statement. “I am disappointed with the court’s determination that Texas cannot hold the federal government accountable to consult with us before resettling refugees here,” he said. “We are considering our options moving forward.

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