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What Should Congress Do Concerning Immigration Reform?

First of all we must reject the Gang of Eight national immigration bill (S.744) as currently written. It is a replay of 1986 in which the US Congress granted an amnesty for illegal immigrants with only promises to control our borders and more promises to do real enforcement of our laws. The promises were not kept and there is no reason to trust Congress this time. The Gang of Eight bill actually increases legal immigration to two million immigrants each year when we have over 18 million citizens who are either unemployed or cannot find a full-time job. This is nothing less than ridiculous.

It is a both a right and responsibility of our government to manage immigration so that it serves the national interests of the USA, as eloquently spoken by the late Congresswoman Barbara Jordan and former Chairperson of the US Commission on Immigration Reform. Obviously we need to stop illegal immigration (steps to take on page 2), but we also need to reform legal immigration for our knowledge-based society and have it built upon very high skill-levels and advanced education with the exception of allowing a traditional number of refugees per year. Less legal immigration, almost exclusively based on very high skills and advanced education, would benefit the USA. The key point is advanced skills and education, the smartest of the smart. Outside of some small shortages of STEM workers in spots around the nation, there is no shortage of college educated workers in the USA. One can look at statistics as real proof. And we have over twenty million citizens who are either unemployed or cannot find a full-time job. In the past we have had too much unskilled legal immigration and illegal immigration. Mass illegal immigration in particular has caused an increase in unemployment and driven down wages for low-skilled citizens and created more poverty. Among the top legal immigrant sending countries of legal immigrants, welfare is the highest for households headed by immigrants from Mexico (57%), Guatemala (55%), and the Dominican Republic (54%).

Should we consider a pathway to citizenship (amnesty in reality) for illegal immigrants? Robert Rector, a senior research fellow of the Heritage Foundation, says legalization of illegal immigrants will cost more than six trillion dollars net over their lifetime for the total public benefits they will be entitled to receive minus taxes paid. How will we really determine the amount of “back taxes” owed by illegal immigrants to the federal government…..under which illegal immigrant’s fake name? How much will this analysis cost the taxpayers? How do we do an effective background check since again illegals have so many aliases? How much will that investigative work cost taxpayers? What is the amount of the so-called fine the illegals will pay? How many would-be legal immigrants waiting in line now would gladly pay a “fine” to be able to jump in the front of the line of others? And the biggest insult is the notion of illegals getting in the back of the line. Is it the end of the line that would-be legal immigrants enter while still in their native country? Or is it the end of an imaginary line inside the USA as if the illegals had green cards? We have a backlog in paperwork and processing today while admitting one million legal immigrants each year, but how is it that we have plenty of time and money to process paperwork for thirteen million illegal immigrants, while at the same time, continuing to admit the one million legal immigrants each year? Isn’t it interesting that those proposing amnesties never mention the punishment that citizens will endure with an amnesty, only the suggested “humanitarian” benefit the illegals will receive? Citizen taxpayers are being punished by having to fund the huge cost of public benefits of illegals and their dependents. And every social services dollar going to illegal immigrants and their dependents is one less dollar going to our own poor, since there is not an unlimited amount of taxpayer money. Low-skilled citizens are punished by lost jobs and driven-down wages due to illegal immigration. How humanitarian is it to keep granting amnesties (since the IRCA amnesty in 1986 the USA has granted six “mini-amnesties”) while would-be legal immigrants wait years and years in line? Any action other than illegal immigrants returning to their native country and getting in the back of the line is in fact an amnesty.

Should consideration be given to the so-called “Dream or Achieve” Act amnesty? Both of these are marketed as helping children of illegal immigrants. Children aren’t really deported. They simply follow and go with their parents. 18-32 year old persons are adults, not children. As young adults, those illegally in the USA can go back to their native country to attend trade school or college and/or work legally. The only persons hurt with such an amnesty are young adult citizens who, one for one (as college is a selection process), will be disenfranchised for every illegal immigrant allowed to enroll in a U.S. college or take a job in the USA.
We need to reduce legal immigration and make it much more advanced education-based AND diverse (ten sending countries hog most of the legal immigration slots). More diversity automatically makes it likely that legal immigrants will learn English and not easily reside in ethnic enclaves in America. Use the opportunity of reforming immigration to do welfare reform at the same time. Reduce legal immigration to a total of 150,000 per year until our high real unemployment rate (use U-6 data per the Dept of Labor) is significantly lowered. Why are we allowing nearly one million legal immigrants to the USA each year to include this year, while over 18 million Americans are either unemployed or want and cannot find a full-time job? Maybe we need to listen to citizens instead of the whining of the US Chamber of Commerce and other cheap labor advocates.

We have no shortage of poorly educated citizens who have done and will do manual labor. The highest unemployment rate is for low-skilled and poorly educated citizens. In the case of agriculture, farmers can legally acquire all of the seasonal migrant workers they want through the H-2A visa program (H-2A’s are unlimited, but temporary). We could certainly improve the process for H-2A visas. We should also insist that farmers mechanize where possible, as this is 2014 not 1914.

Our nation must take action against illegal immigration. There are six million illegal immigrants in non-agricultural jobs in the USA. In short, 96% of illegals are in non-ag jobs. With 18 million Americans unable to find a full-time job, insist on “attrition through enforcement” to combat illegal immigration and require all businesses to use the federal E-Verify system to check new and existing employees. Make sure compliance is enforced. This will free-up several million existing jobs now being held by illegals and, with a slightly tighter labor market, increase wages for our low-skilled citizens and help them become the working instead of the working poor! Continue to implement the federal Real ID Act which makes drivers licenses more secure and prevents illegals from acquiring a driver’s license (also helps with voter ID and national security). Who can stay in the USA mid to long term without a driver’s license and a job? Tighten up our borders and complete dual fences on the southern border in areas more easily crossed (dual fences properly constructed have worked on our southern border). The U.S. Supreme Court allows local law enforcement to be involved in immigration enforcement, so continue to encourage the use the DHS’s Secure Communities program. Complete and implement OBIM, the former US VISIT program, to track who enters and then leaves our nation. One third of illegals are visa overstays who initially came here short term with a visa. In total these actions could free-up many of the six million non-ag jobs being held by illegal immigrants and it drastically reduces illegal immigration. These recommendations should be framed for the general public for what they are: a plan to reduce the unemployment rate, help low-skilled citizens who deserve jobs, protect social services dollars for our own poor, free-up education dollars for our own disadvantaged instead of the dependents of illegal immigrants, and improve homeland security.

To recap, less legal immigration being more skill and advanced education-based will create a scenario in which these high-skilled immigrants will help our economy without increasing the unemployment rate. Using the earlier mentioned “attrition through enforcement” to stop and reduce illegal immigration will give low-skilled citizens of all ethnicities a better chance of getting a job, making more money, and saving some of it. To provide an amnesty for 11-13 million illegal immigrants and allow them to acquire legal status or citizenship is just plain wrong. Polls have shown the American voter in general supports the above measures. Our government should listen to citizens and not the cheap labor interests and ethnic-based advocacy groups.


Ron Woodard
Cary, NC
(919) 460-8156


NC LISTEN supports a better fix for immigration enforcement

Concerned Citizens and Immigration Reformers,

H.R. 1901, the Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement (SAFE) Act, a bill by Congressman Trey Gowdy and Lamar Smith would enhance national security and public safety through more effective immigration law enforcement within our nation as well as at the borders. It would acknowledge the federal government has the primary responsibility for immigration policy, but preserve the ability of state and local governments to enact and enforce ordinances within certain parameters, allowing them to take action when the federal government does not. It allows and encourages local law enforcement to assist in enforcement. The bill requires local agencies to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), but also requires ICE to respond to local government requests to take custody of criminal aliens.

H.R. 1901 would make it easier to remove terrorists, gang members, fraudsters, etc who exploit the existing vulnerabilities of our immigration laws. The SAFE Act would make it much more difficult for dangerous illegal aliens to receive visas, asylum, green cards, citizenship, and other benefits.

The SAFE Act seeks to restore integrity to our immigration system by cracking down on those who game the system by submitting frivolous applications, ignore deportation orders, and other serious offenses to include failing to appear for hearings.

NC LISTEN is against any move to have the U.S. House go to conference committee with their good enforcement House legislation in concert with the lousy U.S. Senate S.744 Gang of Eight amnesty bill and attempt to reconcile legislation. This would only become a polluted piece of legislation. A thoroughbred mixed with a jackass is a mule.

(some of the above language was taken from a report by the Center for Immigration Studies)


Ron Woodard
(919) 460-8156


CIS: An Examination of Minority Voters’ Views on Immigration

From the Center for Immigration Studies:

“While it is sometimes assumed that minorities, particularly Hispanics, favor increased immigration and legalization for illegal immigrants, a new Zogby survey finds that minority voters’ views are more complex. The poll of Hispanic, Asian-American, and African-American likely voters finds some support for legalization. But overall each of these groups prefers enforcement and for illegal immigrants to return home. Moreover, significant majorities of all three groups think that the current level of immigration is too high. These views are in sharp contrast to the leaders of most ethnic advocacy organizations, who argue for increased immigration and legalization of illegal immigrants. The survey used neutral language, avoiding such terms as ‘amnesty,’ ‘illegal alien,’ or ‘undocumented.’”

To read the full article and view the poll results, read “An Examination of Minority Voters’ Views on Immigration.


Immigration Reform Equals Millions of Jobs for Citizens

By: Ron Woodard, Director, NC Listen

I find it interesting that few of our federal politicians really seem to understand how immigration enforcement and real reform could significantly impact the job situation in America.   Or maybe they just don’t care.  On the illegal immigration side, we have over six million plus illegal immigrants who occupy non-agricultural jobs in the USA which rightly belong to citizens.

President Obama has spent billions to lower unemployment by a fraction while ignoring the illegal worker problem.  After all, we have the federal government’s E-Verify System available NOW for employers to use to check the legal resident worker status of new hires, but it is not mandatory.  The on-line and simple to operate E-Verify System could easily be used to check the legal resident status of existing workers.  But of course this would take Congressional and Presidential action and require common sense.   So you can see why Congress and the President would have a problem with this concept!

On the legal immigration side, why are we continuing to allow approximately one million legal immigrants into America each year when over 20 million citizens are are either unemployed or want but cannot find a full-time job?  Of course if we include citizens who are working part-time but want a full-time job and can’t find one and the under-counted unemployed [referred to as the U-6 measure by our U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics] the U.S.A.’s actual unemployment rate is over 13%.  We should basically halt all legal immigration except for legitimate refugees, Americans who marry overseas or have children while overseas, and maybe 10,000 of the incredibly smart who might want to immigrate legally to America — this number would be less than 150,000 per year.

With current economic projections, our national unemployment rate is not expected to be under 5% for the next four plus years.   The state of North Carolina has had to borrow over $2 billion just to pay unemployment claims money — money borrowed from the USA Treasury [aka actually borrowed from China for our children to repay].

President Obama said he will “enforce our immigration laws and control our borders”.   I think he said the month this would happen but not which year.   The President said he “would do what is necessary to bring down the rate of unemployment”.   Oh really?

I have heard enough polished BS coming from President Obama and quite frankly from both major political parties.  They both do a lot of talking but little action.  There are certainly many legislators who support our efforts, however too many are more interested in getting re-elected than doing what’s best for Americans and our national interest.   More to follow on our plan to rattle their cages.

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