President Biden and Democrats Are Implementing Radical Changes to Immigration for Political Reasons and Dangerously Weakening Our Public Safety and Our Nation in General.

Dear Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

See below for what Democratic President Joe Biden and VP candidate Kamala Harris and the Democratic leadership in the US House and US Senate are already doing and further promising to do to the USA, not for the USA, almost exclusively for partisan political reasons without concern for the negative effects to our nation and its citizens.

Democrats promised and we now have in effect open borders…….in the last two years the Biden Administration has released (to include “gotaways”) over 3.6 million illegal immigrants into the USA.

To reach their goals using open borders, the Democrats do not care how much damage they do to the USA or how many people die in the process as a result of drug poisoning and human trafficking……this is pure evil. The Democrats were the political party of slavery and remain the political party of new slavery.

President Joe Biden and the Democrat leadership have as their main goals the intent of increasing illegal immigration in order to increase voter rolls and keep the new illegal immigrants in poverty as well. Today the Democrats are allowing illegal immigrants to vote in local elections and continue to push to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants and grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, all in an attempt to “import” likely Democrat voters. Since most illegal immigrants are poorly educated and low-skilled, the Democrats assume once they are citizens they will need more government services and who will out-promise Democrats when it comes to giving away your tax dollars. Mass illegal immigration also drives down wages especially for low-skilled citizens, and as a result discourages them from seeking work, and of course now they will want more government social services and likely remain loyal Democrat voters.

Over 100 million foreigners, 33 million within driving distance of our southern border, have said they want to immigrate to the USA.  Reckless open border policies by the Democrats are weakening our schools and health care system.  Limited English proficient students (includes ESL) already cost taxpayers twice as much as the average cost for K-12 students.  Health care costs are also skyrocketing.  And who is going to pay for all of this?  An open borders policy with a massive population surge is sheer lunacy, and there is no way we can do security checks and vet the mass of people entering.   And even in great economic years the USA only creates 2.4 million jobs, and open borders will cause the most negative impact on the wages of our working poor citizens.  

Not controlling our borders significantly increases illegal drug trafficking and results in more drug addiction and drug poisoning with an even harsher impact on inner cities. 100,000 Americans died of drug poisoning and drug overdose last year. The Biden Administration simply does not care.

Democratic leaders have vowed to give amnesty, work permits, and voting privileges to the estimated 15-18 million illegal immigrants in the USA, which rewards and encourages more illegal immigration while driving down wages and costing non-farm jobs for millions of citizens.

Democrats have pledged to increase the number of sanctuary cities that harbor and give comfort to existing and new illegal immigrants to include convicted criminals who are illegal immigrants.

Democrats allowing in effect open borders are making it easier for terrorists and radical Islamists to enter the USA.

Democrats are drastically reducing enforcement of our immigration laws and reducing the effectiveness of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  This, along with Democratic leaders in many states and cities who have reduced police department budgets, has put our homeland security and public safety at dangerous risk.

At a minimum, President Biden and Democratic leaders have committed to huge increases in illegal and legal immigration, well beyond the one million per year already arriving legally, and to drastic increases in visas for foreign workers which together will further significantly oversupply our labor force and hurt unemployed citizens and new school graduates also looking for work.

I urge you to contact our two US Senators Tillis and Burr along with our members of the US House from North Carolina and oppose the aforementioned immigration policies being implemented and planned. The answer is sensible legal immigration and enforcement of our immigration laws, not the lawlessness and disregard for the rule of law that is being planned and implemented by the Joe Biden administration and the Democratic leadership. The only good immigration laws and policies are those that truly serve the interests of the American people.

From the Director of NC LISTEN,

Ron Woodard


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