An Honest Poll on What Citizens Really Want Concerning Immigration Enforcement and Numbers of Immigrants.

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Just below is a great article with poll results that tells the truth about what citizens really believe on immigration enforcement and reform.

Click on this link “Poll on what citizens really want concerning immigration enforcement and numbers of immigrants

In contrast almost weekly I hear nonsensical comments by the media, and there will be more last gasps, suggesting erroneously that citizens prefer a pathway to citizenship for illegals with the only two options being citizenship or mass “round-up” deportation……the aforementioned two choices are like asking a citizen if they want a broken arm or a broken leg. These “push polls” are done to manipulate and offer limited false choices in order to advance the narrative of the Left. CIS however conducted a national poll giving citizens the additional poll option of enforcing our immigration laws, punishing employers who knowingly hire illegals, and cutting welfare benefits to illegals, etc as a major means of significantly reducing illegal immigration. To little surprise this was the poll option chosen by a majority of citizens. Because citizens know that enforcement of our immigration laws will work if actually implemented.

With the 2016 Presidential election we now have a leader that will enforce our immigration laws, likely reduce legal immigration, and reform immigration so that it serves our national interests not special interests. Actual deportation when an illegal immigrant comes in contact with law enforcement, not paperwork deportation of the Obama Administration, will also be a tool in the toolbox in the Trump Administration going forward.

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