Hillary Clinton wanted amnesty and mass immigration and Lost, while Trump wants a wall barrier, jobs for citizens, and homeland security and Won.

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Hillary’s stated immigration policies and the Democrat Party Platform are basically identical and offer amnesty for illegal immigrants along with access to Obamacare and more govt services and legal work permits for illegals with little mention of any enforcement of our immigration laws. Her VP pick, Tim Kaine, has stated again Hillary’s amnesty plan to the Telemundo network in Spanish.

Hillary would allow even more legal immigration to the USA resulting in wages being driven down and jobs lost by citizens, and she wants to drastically increase the number of refugees from the Middle East, knowing full well we cannot conduct adequate security background checks on them.

Hillary Clinton says fences won’t work at our southern border to stop illegal immigration, but she used fences around the Democratic National Convention to keep out Bernie protesters. It has also been announced the fences around the White House are being heightened.

Read further down below on the immigration stance of the Libertarian Party and it isn’t much better than Hillary’s and the Democrat’s disastrous immigration platform.

The Republican Party platform on immigration, significantly impacted by Donald Trump’s positions, is one that serves our national interests, protects our homeland security, will require intense background checks on refugees, honors the rule of law, will deny amnesty for illegal immigrants, protects jobs for legal residents by requiring E-Verify, will adopt sensible legal immigration instead of the mass legal immigration of the one million per year now allowed (and how can any nation do legitimate background checks on a million people per year), supports English as the official language of the USA, and promises to build a wall (I would recommend a dual fence structure but I have always understood “the wall” to be a significant physical barrier that works) on our southern border. These are just some of the highlights of the serious yet sensible immigration platform of the Republican Party.

Out of the four pages of comments on immigration reform on Hillary’s website, only about two sentences relate to enforcement of our immigration laws. Numerous paragraphs of text mention how she would dismantle existing enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws and in the one of those paragraphs she has the chutzpah to suggest the importance of the rule of law. Hillary has promised she will go around Congress with executive orders on immigration as has President Obama, if Congress doesn’t do what she wants on legislation. Hillary will pick future US Supreme Court justices that are activists and believe the US Constitution can and should be rewritten via Leftist rulings and decisions.

The national Libertarian Party is very weak on opposing illegal immigration and encourages ever more legal immigration. Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party candidate for President, was reported by the Washington Post to say the government should not interfere with U.S. employers’ desire for foreign labor. He told David Weigel of the Post that he opposed deportations of undocumented immigrants, and he believed the President should find a way to allow those immigrants to work in this country legally. Folks this is de facto amnesty.

In reality based on his written positions and spoken words, Donald Trump has a plan to enforce our immigration laws and really protect our nation, and he understands the negative consequences of mass legal immigration and illegal immigration.

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