Illegals hold six million non-ag jobs

Concerned Citizens and Immigration Reformers,

Illegal immigrants hold over six million non-agriculture jobs in the USA.  Yet President Obama continues to press to spend hundreds of billions [yes with a b] to allegedly create new jobs. For less than $5 billion we could finish building a dual layer fence on our southern border and fully implement the federal E-Verify System to make sure only legal residents in the USA are hired, and then begin to check the immigration status of existing workers to include real workplace audits and punish employers who then knowingly hire illegals.   Illegals would have a tough time remaining in the USA without a job and especially if they knew they could not continue to cross the border at will.

Unfortunately the US Senate and the US House will not require E-Verify and has yet to even allow it to be used (even voluntarily) by companies to check the status of existing workers. The US Chamber of Commerce (aka United Nations Chamber of Commerce) is partially responsible for this.  


Ron Woodard




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