Isn’t everyone an environmentalist at heart?  Why would we want to breathe dirty air and drink polluted water?  Why would we attempt to see how many people we can cram into America and have overcrowded conditions and congestion?  Having traveled to California, I would suggest the West has been settled.  But the issue isn’t about growth; it’s about out-of-control growth.  It’s sort of like the discussion of immigration.  It’s not about can we have some degree of legal immigration, but why must we continue with mass uncontrolled immigration?  ….for what real purpose?

Over just the last fifty years our population in the USA has increased by 50%, two-thirds due to immigration.  Between now and 2060 according to the US Census Bureau, our population will grow by 35% from 330 million today to 445 million.  In short we will add 115 million people in just 40 years with immigration again being responsible for two-thirds of that growth. ……and then what?  Continue with more out-of-control immigration?  By the time a 15 year-old citizen today has children in their mid-twenties and the children live a normal life expectancy, the population in the USA is predicted to be near 750 million.  The public doesn’t support this kind of massive growth for its children and grandchildren.  No matter how efficient we may be in the use of resources and however much we conserve in our attempt to preserve our environment, if we allow the above to happen we will big-time trash our environment in America.  Why would we permit this to happen?

  • Every day we permanently remove 3.2 billion gallons more water from our aquifers than is replaced by natural processes.  This is equivalent to half the water that flows through the mouth of the Mississippi River every day.
  • To accommodate growth, we pave over an area equal to the state of Delaware every year.
  • If the above population scenario happens, we will have to start importing food to America to support our population.  From which countries will we get our food in the future?  Why would we place our grandchildren in that situation?
  • The U.S. loses two acres of farmland every minute.
  • Not all land is adequate for farming.  In North Carolina our government reports we are losing about 55 acres of farmland every day.
  • In the West, large cities are already fighting with farmers (who need irrigation) over who will get access to limited fresh water from the Colorado River and other rivers.
  • Nearly 700 species of plants and animals are endangered or threatened from destruction of habitat caused by population growth.  About 9,000 species are at risk of extinction, and 500 species – that we know of – have already vanished forever.

If we would deal with our largest source of population growth, legal and illegal immigration and considerably reduce it, we would have more moderate growth in America and have the time to attempt to wrestle with our problems. Outside of the interests of some in pure greed and politics, the average American is interested in the quality of life for their children and grandchildren.  It’s time to take a stand!

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