Homeland Security

Homeland security is a large concern.  Is it fair to ask if procedures are in place to screen immigrants who wish to move to America?  Yes it is.  Unfortunately our government admits it cannot adequately check the true identity and do background checks on the one million people per year who are now legally immigrating to America.  Of course no background or identity checks are being performed on the 300,000 illegal immigrants who typically have moved to America each year.  Over the last two years the Biden Administration has released well over 3.6 million illegal immigrants (to include gotaways) into the USA.

The 9-11 attack well documented how lax immigration checks and lax enforcement left Americans vulnerable.  One of the best ways for a terrorist to hide and remain in America is to acquire a driver’s license and get a job.  Those who overstay their visas and illegal immigrants can be controlled and reduced in number over time if we begin any serious interior enforcement.

Sadly some large corporations, cheap labor advocacy organizations, unscrupulous businesses, and illegal immigrant advocacy groups lobby Congress continually for no immigration enforcement in the workplace and fight most efforts to improve verifiable ID documents.

For more information about immigration to the US and national security, examine this Immigration and National Security Report from the Federation for American Immigration Reform’s Jack Martin, and view this short video Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America from the Center for Security Policy.

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