Immigration Overview

Why should North Carolinians be concerned about immigration?

We should be concerned because we are Americans. We need to know the truth. Illegal immigration and mass legal immigration have a major impact on most aspects of our life. Today’s out-of-control immigration affects homeland security, the unemployment rate, our education system, health care, government budgets, congestion, the environment, crime and countless other areas of American life. It is evident to most Americans that the immigration policies of our government are not serving the needs and interests of our country.

Homeland security is a large concern. Is it fair to ask if procedures are in place to screen immigrants who wish to move to America? Our government admits it cannot adequately check the true identity and do background checks on the one million people per year who are now legally immigrating to America. Of course no background or identity checks can be performed on the more than 300,000 illegal immigrants, who on average, move to America each year.  Over the last two years the Biden Administration has released (to include gotaways) over 3.6 million illegal immigrants into the USA.  The 9-11 attack well documented how lax immigration checks and enforcement left Americans vulnerable. One of the best ways for a terrorist to hide and remain in America is to acquire a driver’s license and get a job. Those who overstay their visas and illegal immigrants can be controlled and reduced in number over time if we begin any serious interior enforcement. Sadly some large corporations, cheap labor advocacy organizations, unscrupulous businesses, and illegal immigrant advocacy groups lobby Congress continually for no immigration enforcement in the workplace and fight most efforts to improve verifiable ID documents.

Mass legal immigration and illegal immigration are especially hurting American workers. With high (real) unemployment and outsourcing and off-shoring of American workers, does it make any sense to allow 1.3 million people to immigrate to America each year when we cannot find jobs for American citizens? Large scale immigration today is distorting worker supply and demand and affecting wages. American workers in the bottom 20% bracket have not seen their wages (adjusted for inflation) increased in the last 12 years. And it’s not only low-skilled workers who are being affected.

Immigration is having a major effect on public education in North Carolina. There are approximately 95,000 LEP [limited English proficient] students in North Carolina schools for the last reported year. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction says the average cost of educating a student in K-12 in North Carolina (state, federal, and local expenditures) is $9865 per year. The extra funding and cost for LEP students is another $4600 per year and more funding is added if the student comes from a low-income family. We are spending $1.3 billion each year on students who are the dependents of illegal immigrants in our State, either in LEP or out of the LEP program but still enrolled in the public school system.

The truth is that immigration is the main factor which will cause our nation’s population to grow to 445 million by the year 2060. This is equivalent to a near 35% increase in our population in just the next 40 years, according to the Census Bureau. A significant part of North Carolina’s growth rate is illegal immigration. Most people need to realize that they are not being properly informed by the media and Congress regarding our immigration statistics and policies. Immigration is NOT at low levels, NOR is it stable. It’s presently pushing a huge population increase in the United States. It will redefine America as we know it, if we do nothing.

In short, we need immigration policies that are in America’s best interest, not special interests. We need to replace mass immigration (legal and illegal) with sensible legal immigration. Stop coddling illegal immigrants who have broken our immigration laws. Then welcome legal immigrants who have had a background check, waited their turn, and desire to share in the American dream.

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