2021 Immigration Legislation Must Have These Measures – take action Part 2

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Critically Important
Part 2 is contacting your US House member from NC and take action……..

We must continue to press members of Congress to fully fund a wall/barriers on our southern border AND more immigration enforcement noted below.

Contact your US House member from North Carolina.

What to email (copy and paste)…..or say if you make a phone call:

Tell your US House member from North Carolina:
Immigration legislation must include the following measures:
· MUST FULLY FUND the southern border barriers/wall and end asylum loopholes
· MUST MANDATE E-Verify to deny jobs to illegal immigrants
· MUST End all Chain Migration of extended family
· MUST REDUCE current legal immigration of one million per year by a minimum of 50% (preferably no more than 250,000 per year) and make it more skill-based. Mass immigration today is hurting American workers, especially our low-skilled.
· MUST END the Visa Lottery and drastically reduce H-1B and H-2B work visas
· MUST STOP sanctuary cities
Citizens demand the above measures, NOT another amnesty for illegal immigrants.

If you email, copy and paste the above comments…..then use this email header: Immigration Legislation Must Have These Enforcement Measures

Who to contact: (call or email)
Contact your member of the U.S House. If you don’t know, copy and paste this link to your web browser: https://www.house.gov [once at that site, look at the upper right corner of the webpage and enter your Zip Code and then click GO]. You can easily find their contact info on the House member’s webpage.

Send your friends and associates a link to this NC LISTEN web page.

Ron Woodard
(919) 460-8156


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