2023 Immigration Legislation Must Have These Measures – take action Part 2

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Critically Important
Part 2 is contacting your US House member from NC and take action……..

We must continue to press members of Congress to fully fund and complete the new designed fence at our southern border AND more immigration enforcement noted below.

Contact your US House member from North Carolina.

What to email (copy and paste)…..or say if you make a phone call:

Tell your US House member from North Carolina:
Immigration legislation must include the following measures:
· MUST FULLY FUND and complete the new designed fence along strategic sections (most) of our southern border and end asylum loopholes
· MUST MANDATE E-Verify to deny jobs to illegal immigrants
· MUST End all Chain Migration of extended family
· MUST REDUCE current legal immigration of one million per year by a minimum of 50% (preferably no more than 250,000 per year) and make it more skill-based. Mass immigration today is hurting American workers, especially our low-skilled.
· MUST END the Visa Lottery and drastically reduce H-1B and H-2B work visas
· MUST STOP sanctuary cities
Citizens demand the above measures, NOT another amnesty for illegal immigrants.

If you email, copy and paste the above comments…..then use this email header: Immigration Legislation Must Have These Enforcement Measures

Who to contact: (call or email)
Contact your member of the U.S House. If you don’t know, copy and paste this link to your web browser: https://www.house.gov [once at that site, look at the upper right corner of the webpage and enter your Zip Code and then click GO]. You can easily find their contact info on the House member’s webpage.

Send your friends and associates a link to this NC LISTEN web page.

Ron Woodard
(919) 460-8156


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