Immigration Reform Equals Millions of Jobs for Citizens

By: Ron Woodard, Director, NC Listen

I find it interesting that few of our federal politicians really seem to understand how immigration enforcement and real reform could significantly impact the job situation in America.   Or maybe they just don’t care.  On the illegal immigration side, we have over six million plus illegal immigrants who occupy non-agricultural jobs in the USA which rightly belong to citizens.

President Obama has spent billions to lower unemployment by a fraction while ignoring the illegal worker problem.  After all, we have the federal government’s E-Verify System available NOW for employers to use to check the legal resident worker status of new hires, but it is not mandatory.  The on-line and simple to operate E-Verify System could easily be used to check the legal resident status of existing workers.  But of course this would take Congressional and Presidential action and require common sense.   So you can see why Congress and the President would have a problem with this concept!

On the legal immigration side, why are we continuing to allow approximately one million legal immigrants into America each year when over 20 million citizens are are either unemployed or want but cannot find a full-time job?  Of course if we include citizens who are working part-time but want a full-time job and can’t find one and the under-counted unemployed [referred to as the U-6 measure by our U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics] the U.S.A.’s actual unemployment rate is over 13%.  We should basically halt all legal immigration except for legitimate refugees, Americans who marry overseas or have children while overseas, and maybe 10,000 of the incredibly smart who might want to immigrate legally to America — this number would be less than 150,000 per year.

With current economic projections, our national unemployment rate is not expected to be under 5% for the next four plus years.   The state of North Carolina has had to borrow over $2 billion just to pay unemployment claims money — money borrowed from the USA Treasury [aka actually borrowed from China for our children to repay].

President Obama said he will “enforce our immigration laws and control our borders”.   I think he said the month this would happen but not which year.   The President said he “would do what is necessary to bring down the rate of unemployment”.   Oh really?

I have heard enough polished BS coming from President Obama and quite frankly from both major political parties.  They both do a lot of talking but little action.  There are certainly many legislators who support our efforts, however too many are more interested in getting re-elected than doing what’s best for Americans and our national interest.   More to follow on our plan to rattle their cages.


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