Mass legal and illegal immigration threaten our homeland security

Our homeland security is and has been at risk due to our porous borders, with Mexican drug cartels willing and able for a price to help terrorists illegally cross our southern border. Mexican cartels are already the largest traffickers of unlawful drugs into the USA to poison and cause addiction among America’s children. Our ports are also porous. We have not implemented the OBIM system to track short term visa holders and tourists to make sure they leave on time. Over one third of illegals are those who have overstayed their visas.

Currently we allow more than a million legal immigrants to the USA each year, a quantity which drives up our unemployment rate, social services and education costs, and does not serve our national interests nor our national security. We do insufficient background and security checks on legal immigrants. We know little to nothing about the real identity and true motives of illegal immigrants.

For a high percentage of refugees we cannot properly conduct background and security checks due to confusion within their native country. If refugees cannot be thoroughly vetted, they should not be allowed to enter the USA. First of all, as a CIS study has shown, it is twelve times more expensive to care for refugees moved to the USA than to care for refugees in safe areas within or near their native country. We cannot risk the safety of citizens if refugees cannot be thoroughly vetted, whether the politically correct or “drama” progressives like it or not.

Thanks to Governor Pat McCrory for asking the federal government to halt the flow of Syrian refugees into North Carolina. He is one of more than a majority of Governors across our nation to press this matter for our safety and protection.

Our prayers go to the families and relatives and friends of those murdered in France by radical Islamic terrorists. Hopefully citizens of the USA will wake up and realize that mass legal immigration and illegal immigration do not serve our national interests and threaten our homeland security.


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