News & Observer fires American IT workers and hires foreign workers

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

The News & Observer is firing their information technology workers and hiring foreign workers to replace them.

Note how to send them an email down below……

The McClatchy Company, owner of the N&O, says they have no comment about the firings. The N&O for years has been promoting illegal immigration and in effect throwing unemployed North Carolinians under the bus.

Now the McClatchy Co and the N&O are using the same routine used by other unscrupulous businesses…..take my offered wage or my lower wage or I’ll claim I can’t find American workers, then that justifies firing your own workers and hiring foreign replacements. ComputerWorld reports they gave the contract to Wipro and are sending their jobs to India. This is yet another example of how our visa programs and foreign outsourcing is damaging our nation.

Wipro Limited is based in India with some US offices and has filed 27,300 applications for H-1B visas (high tech workers) from fiscal year 2013 to 2015. Wipro was ranked 4th among all H-1B visa sponsors to the USA. So when they aren’t sending our jobs overseas, they are sending foreign workers directly to the USA exploiting our visa program.

And the N&O editorial staff writes from their ivory tower every day lecturing the rest of us……..


Send an email to Ned Barnett at the N&O and let him know what you think, as he leads their Editorial section.

Click on this link “ComputerWorld article.

Send this email to your friends and associates.


Ron Woodard



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