Our US Senator Thom Tillis Chooses Foreign Workers Over Fellow Unemployed Citizens

Dear Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Our US Senator Thom Tillis wrote a letter to DHS and actually held up a Trump Administration nomination as he pressed for an increase in H-2B non-agricultural work visas which hurts American workers. Senator Tillis succeeded and thousands of H-2B visas were added to the already 66,000 such visas already being issued this year, and as such, Senator Tillis chose foreign workers for American jobs over his own fellow unemployed citizens. A study by the Center for Immigration Studies recently reported there is no labor shortage for H-2B job occupations.

US Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue will act differently today and press for major reductions in legal immigration to give citizens a better chance to get jobs in the USA.

Ron Woodard
(919) 460-8156


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