Our US Senator Thom Tillis is Writing Legislation For an Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Apparently never missing an opportunity to look out for the interest of illegal immigrants instead of fellow citizens, our US Senator Thom Tillis of NC is writing legislation to give an amnesty to approximately 2.5 million DACA illegal immigrants, Obama’s unlawful deferred action for illegals. Most everyone believes a Federal District Court in Texas will soon strike down DACA, Obama’a unlawful action of temporary annesty if President Trump does not undo it, hence Senator Tillis is stepping in according to several media reports, to give an amnesty via federal legislation.


For the DACA dependents of illegal immigrants, it is unfortunate their parents put them in such a difficult situation. But although it may be annoying, these DACA children as adults can go back to their native country for a post-secondary education and to work there legally. Every DACA person, some call themselves a “dreamer” to strike emotion, who takes a job in the USA will disenfranchise a citizen, one for one, who is unemployed. Every dreamer who goes to college in the USA will disenfranchise a citizen, as college is a selection process and there are more students who could do the course work than there are enrollment slots. DACA “dreamers” are a bad dream for citizens, if the dreamers are rewarded and allowed to stay in the USA and citizens suffer the consequences of lost jobs and lost college enrollment to dreamers.

Young children (not adults) of illegal immigrant parents would and should go with their illegal immigrant parents back to their native country and once there they can apply for legal immigration to the USA and wait their turn like everyone else doing it the right way. Again, why does Senator Tillis want to reward folks who illegally jumped in the front of the line of people waiting their turn to come to the USA legally?

Call Senator Tillis’s office at 202-224-6342. Be firm but polite and ask him why he is willing to give the jobs and college enrollment slots of citizens to DACA folks? The parents of illegal immigrants put their dependents in this fix, so why should citizens suffer the consequences of lost jobs and college enrollment? Ask him why he is rewarding illegal immigrants with an amnesty? This kind of irresponsible action will only encourage more illegal immigration.


Ron Woodard
(919) 460-8156


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