Our US Senator Thom Tillis Needs a Civics Lesson

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

At a discussion on immigration at the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina said, “those on both the left and right need to come toward the center to achieve meaningful immigration reform”. By the way folks, this is how we got the large 1986 amnesty for illegal immigrants, mass legal immigration, and basically no enforcement of our immigration laws…….the right caved to the Left. We can’t trust the Left on immigration reform, and it is not the time to negotiate for an amnesty in order to have job site and interior enforcement of our immigration laws just as we are beginning to have enforcement of some of our immigration laws by President Donald Trump.

At the event Senator Tillis first denounced amnesty, then spent even more time pointing out how we can’t deport illegal immigrants. Of course if we deny jobs and ICE does job site visits and punishes businesses knowingly hiring illegals, non-emergency benefits to illegals are denied, and we use local and state law enforcement in a sensible manner, the illegals will self-deport. After all, we have not really tried real interior and job site enforcement of our immigration laws ever. But Senator Tillis and unscrupulous businesses apparently don’t want to give real enforcement a chance until after yet another massive illegal immigrant amnesty. Last time then-Congressman Chuck Schumer of New York (now US Senator and Senate Democrat Minority Leader) led the charge and convinced President Reagan to trust him and do an amnesty first and promises of enforcement of our immigration laws later……not this time. Does US Senator Tillis need a “civics lesson”?

A recent Elon University poll shows Senator Tillis has a 29% approval rating in North Carolina. Over $50 million was spent to elect Thom Tillis in his last US Senate election. The biggest donors in that election hid behind special non-profit political orgs, but we know they usually get what they want after the election. Is this why Senator Tillis is taking the side of cheap labor interests and special interests and ignoring the average worker in North Carolina? Is this why Senator Tillis refuses to meet directly with NC LISTEN, but meets almost weekly with organizations and industries wanting ever larger permanent mass immigration in addition to more and more foreign worker visas?


Ron Woodard
(919) 460-8156


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