Our US Senator Thom Tillis Partners With Coalition Associated with George Soros For More Foreign Workers To The USA

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Kathryn Brown of WRAL-TV in Raleigh did a story a few months ago on US Senator Thom Tillis, one of our two US Senators from North Carolina, who has been hosting a series of roundtable discussions with an organization called A Partnership For a New American Economy. This organization is basically an open borders coalition of businesses wanting cheap foreign labor and working towards comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty for illegal immigrants) and more and more legal immigrants and foreign worker visas.

A Partnership For a New American Economy partners with the org, Welcoming America, which is funded by Leftist George Soros. For this connection go to the below weblink: (listen to minute 2 through minute 4 on the video)

Click on this link “Video linking A Partnership For a New American Economy with the org, Welcoming America

The end result for A Partnership for a New American Economy is to “game” and manipulate our US immigration system in order to drive down wages for American workers and result in unemployment for hundreds of thousands of American workers.

“What we’re really trying to do is connect to…….the impact on employers……”, US Senator Thom Tillis said. Sadly, Senator Thom Tillis does not really care about American workers, to of course include, citizens right here in North Carolina.


Ron Woodard
(919) 460-8156


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