Our US Senator Thom Tillis Plots With Cheap Foreign Labor Advocates To Counter President Trump on Immigration

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Neil Munro is a journalist and previous winner of the Center for Immigration Studies’ Katz award for excellence in covering immigration. Neil earlier this year wrote about GOP Senators hoping to sneak an amnesty into President Trump’s immigration reforms. It goes like this, “the emerging strategy is to pair offers of concessions (by Congress) to Americans and Trump with demands for major giveaways to businesses, including a bigger supply of low-wage immigrant workers and welfare-funded consumers. The immigration pairing strategy is being pushed by the industry-backed Business Policy Council and US Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina. Their strategy collides with Trump’s emphasis on raising Americans’ wages via merit-based and less legal immigration”.

Senator Thom Tillis is pushing for giveaways such as more and more permanent immigration for cheap labor interests and an amnesty for illegal immigrants in order to have the US Senate vote for funding for real enforcement of our immigration laws. Senator Tillis suggested we allow more foreign work visas (on top of more permanent immigration) in order to get government funding to do work site enforcement of our immigration laws and E-Verify. In other words, Senator Tillis would urge the US Senate to require major increases of foreign workers in order to have the US Senate do what is right in the first place and help citizens get jobs. It appears cheap foreign labor advocates have a US Senator who does their bidding instead of paying attention to the needs of the vast majority of his own constituents…… It should be again noted that Senator Tillis refuses to meet in person with NC LISTEN to discuss immigration reform, yet he meets regularly with cheap foreign labor interests.

NC LISTEN and our partners will continue to take actions and press for real reform and enforcement of immigration that is in our state and national interests, especially as this applies to jobs for citizens and their children.


Ron Woodard
(919) 460-8156


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