Uncovered ICE Memo Details How Our Immigration System Is Exploited, Especially By Refugees And ID Fraud

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

See the attached joint letter (down below) from the US House Judiciary and US House Oversight committees which details an uncovered ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) memorandum which details how our USA immigration system is being exploited, especially related to refugees, and how identity fraud and refugee fraud is easy to commit by those wanting to enter our nation illegally.

All the while President Obama and Hillary Clinton both want significant increases in refugees from Syria and in general. Donald Trump wants nearly the exact opposite and wants extreme vetting for refugees from countries where adequate screening is very difficult.

CIS recently reported on robust trafficking in fraudulent passports apparently bound for use by Islamic State militants who have infiltrated Greek refugee camps.

Nearly One Million Illegal Immigrants Ordered To Be Deported Are Still In The USA And 20% Are Convicted Criminals

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Although the Obama administration claims deportations have hit an all-time high, they’ve actually hit record lows, covered-up by a shell game of phony numbers. Often illegal immigrants who are caught at the border are released at the border or bused a few miles back into Mexico only to reappear and frequently after several attempts, successfully enter the USA but are counted as deportations. In the past only those removed from the interior of the USA were counted as actual deportees. And under Obama, deportations for illegal immigrants caught in the interior are counted when deportation orders are completed for illegal immigrants, not necessarily whether they left the USA.

Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies says, “These numbers show that the president is hardly the deporter-in-chief as so many of the ethnic advocacy groups have tried to paint him. A better title would be releaser-in-chief … because ICE is now releasing more illegal aliens than they are trying to deport when their agents find them in the interior of the country.”

A closer examination shows that immigrants living illegally in most of the continental U.S. are less likely to be deported today than before President Obama came to office, according to immigration data by DHS.

India to Challenge Reducing High Tech Visas to the USA and Says it Violates Trade Agreements

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Bad international trade deals entered into by the USA are and have been hurting US workers. To show how absolutely bad our trade deals have been negotiated, one only has to read the article below.

We are allowing foreign countries to tell us how many of their workers they can immigrate to the USA and cost jobs to our citizens. This is another example of what Donald Trump has been saying in his campaign. The below article was provided by NumbersUSA.

India says it will contest a bill to reform the H-1B and L-1 visa programs, if passed, saying it would violate international trade agreements. Last week, Reps. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-N.J.) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) introduced the H-B and L-1 Visa Reform Act of 2016 that would prevent companies from misusing these visas to replace American workers.

The Democrat Leadership Wants Evermore Syrian Refugees and Are Now Calling Illegals from Central America, Refugees

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

The Democrat leadership wants more refugees from Syria to come to the USA and is encouraging evermore illegals from Central America to come to the USA.

Read the story below on exploding numbers of Syrian refugees to the USA and exploding numbers of illegals from Central America now being processed as refugees.

President Obama has misused the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program, similar to several of his unlawful executive orders on immigration. Pushing past the current 10,000, he will allow more Syrians refugees in the USA beyond Congressional limits in a “back door” move. Obama’s irresponsible use of TPS for Syrian refugees puts our homeland security at risk again, because we cannot adequately do background security checks on these refugees. Democrat Congresswoman Judy Chu from California recently said concerning Syrian refugees, “good start, but we can take at least ten times more”.

U.S. Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis vote for Kate’s Law and to Stop Sanctuary Cities in the USA – Democrats Vote to Kill Both Bills

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

On July 5th our U.S. Senators from North Carolina, Richard Burr (R) and Thom Tillis (R), both voted for S.2193 Stop Illegal Reentry Act (Kate’s Law) and S.3100 Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act and joined almost all Republicans in support. Sadly neither of these bills passed in the U.S. Senate because of a near unanimous vote by Democrat Senators to kill both bills. One has only to wonder the misguided logic behind opposing these bills. A vote against these two bills is choosing to favor illegal immigrants over citizens and mockery of the rule of law.

A thank you goes to Sen Richard Burr and Sen Thom Tillis.


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