News & Observer fires American IT workers and hires foreign workers

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

The News & Observer is firing their information technology workers and hiring foreign workers to replace them.

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The McClatchy Company, owner of the N&O, says they have no comment about the firings. The N&O for years has been promoting illegal immigration and in effect throwing unemployed North Carolinians under the bus.

Mass immigration is hurting unemployment, wages, and even our middle class

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

As I have said, mass immigration is not the root cause of all of our problems, however it is making all of our problems in the USA much worse. The data below speaks to this comment.

The U-6 unemployment rate in North Carolina is near 10%. It is a more encompassing point of data by the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics. The recent report by Pew Research shows median household income fell 8% nationwide between 1999 and 2014, as our middle class in the USA is shrinking.

Of the 25 metros that suffered the worst, the population grew 20% faster than the U.S. population over the 15-year span. Many of those areas also experienced the highest increases in the nation in its foreign-born population over the same period. Yes, Econ 101 does apply and adding each year one million legal immigrants with an additional 400,000 net illegal immigrants continuing to either cross our borders or come here with short term visas and never leave, worker oversupply continues to lower wages and cause citizens to lose jobs just as the U.S. Chamber and N.C. Chamber of Commerce know and continue to push for more foreign labor.

Over 50% of Immigrants Use Welfare and guess who is paying for it?

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Go to the link just below for a summary and report on “The Cost of Welfare Use by Immigrants” as over 50% of immigrants are using welfare, a much higher rate than citizens. And guess who is paying for this government cost? You are and your children will pay also but with interest charges.

Click on this link “The Cost of Welfare Use By Immigrants.


Mass legal and illegal immigration threaten our homeland security

Our homeland security is and has been at risk due to our porous borders, with Mexican drug cartels willing and able for a price to help terrorists illegally cross our southern border. Mexican cartels are already the largest traffickers of unlawful drugs into the USA to poison and cause addiction among America’s children. Our ports are also porous. We have not implemented the OBIM system to track short term visa holders and tourists to make sure they leave on time. Over one third of illegals are those who have overstayed their visas.

Currently we allow more than a million legal immigrants to the USA each year, a quantity which drives up our unemployment rate, social services and education costs, and does not serve our national interests nor our national security. We do insufficient background and security checks on legal immigrants. We know little to nothing about the real identity and true motives of illegal immigrants.

For a high percentage of refugees we cannot properly conduct background and security checks due to confusion within their native country. If refugees cannot be thoroughly vetted, they should not be allowed to enter the USA. First of all, as a CIS study has shown, it is twelve times more expensive to care for refugees moved to the USA than to care for refugees in safe areas within or near their native country. We cannot risk the safety of citizens if refugees cannot be thoroughly vetted, whether the politically correct or “drama” progressives like it or not.

Thanks to Governor Pat McCrory for asking the federal government to halt the flow of Syrian refugees into North Carolina. He is one of more than a majority of Governors across our nation to press this matter for our safety and protection.

Any legislation to allow Amnesty for illegals must be stopped

Any federal legislation to allow an amnesty for illegal immigrants is bad policy for our nation. Previous legislation would allow legalization for illegal immigrants even before real enforcement. In fact most earlier amnesty legislation does NOT require illegals to go to the back of the line in their home country, does NOT really require back taxes to be paid by illegals (under which of their aliases), does NOT have real triggers that require enforcement first, and the list goes on and on. Eleven to thirteen million illegal aliens would receive amnesty.


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