Illegals hold six million non-ag jobs

Concerned Citizens and Immigration Reformers,

Illegal immigrants hold over six million non-agriculture jobs in the USA.  Yet President Obama continues to press to spend hundreds of billions [yes with a b] to allegedly create new jobs. For less than $5 billion we could finish building a dual layer fence on our southern border and fully implement the federal E-Verify System to make sure only legal residents in the USA are hired, and then begin to check the immigration status of existing workers to include real workplace audits and punish employers who then knowingly hire illegals.   Illegals would have a tough time remaining in the USA without a job and especially if they knew they could not continue to cross the border at will.

Unfortunately the US Senate and the US House will not require E-Verify and has yet to even allow it to be used (even voluntarily) by companies to check the status of existing workers. The US Chamber of Commerce (aka United Nations Chamber of Commerce) is partially responsible for this.  


NC LISTEN supports a better fix for immigration enforcement

Concerned Citizens and Immigration Reformers,

H.R. 1901, the Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement (SAFE) Act, a bill by Congressman Trey Gowdy and Lamar Smith would enhance national security and public safety through more effective immigration law enforcement within our nation as well as at the borders. It would acknowledge the federal government has the primary responsibility for immigration policy, but preserve the ability of state and local governments to enact and enforce ordinances within certain parameters, allowing them to take action when the federal government does not. It allows and encourages local law enforcement to assist in enforcement. The bill requires local agencies to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), but also requires ICE to respond to local government requests to take custody of criminal aliens.

H.R. 1901 would make it easier to remove terrorists, gang members, fraudsters, etc who exploit the existing vulnerabilities of our immigration laws. The SAFE Act would make it much more difficult for dangerous illegal aliens to receive visas, asylum, green cards, citizenship, and other benefits.

The SAFE Act seeks to restore integrity to our immigration system by cracking down on those who game the system by submitting frivolous applications, ignore deportation orders, and other serious offenses to include failing to appear for hearings.

CIS: An Examination of Minority Voters’ Views on Immigration

From the Center for Immigration Studies:

“While it is sometimes assumed that minorities, particularly Hispanics, favor increased immigration and legalization for illegal immigrants, a new Zogby survey finds that minority voters’ views are more complex. The poll of Hispanic, Asian-American, and African-American likely voters finds some support for legalization. But overall each of these groups prefers enforcement and for illegal immigrants to return home. Moreover, significant majorities of all three groups think that the current level of immigration is too high. These views are in sharp contrast to the leaders of most ethnic advocacy organizations, who argue for increased immigration and legalization of illegal immigrants. The survey used neutral language, avoiding such terms as ‘amnesty,’ ‘illegal alien,’ or ‘undocumented.'”

To read the full article and view the poll results, read “An Examination of Minority Voters’ Views on Immigration.

Immigration Reform Equals Millions of Jobs for Citizens

By: Ron Woodard, Director, NC Listen

I find it interesting that few of our federal politicians really seem to understand how immigration enforcement and real reform could significantly impact the job situation in America.   Or maybe they just don’t care.  On the illegal immigration side, we have over six million plus illegal immigrants who occupy non-agricultural jobs in the USA which rightly belong to citizens.

President Obama has spent billions to lower unemployment by a fraction while ignoring the illegal worker problem.  After all, we have the federal government’s E-Verify System available NOW for employers to use to check the legal resident worker status of new hires, but it is not mandatory.  The on-line and simple to operate E-Verify System could easily be used to check the legal resident status of existing workers.  But of course this would take Congressional and Presidential action and require common sense.   So you can see why Congress and the President would have a problem with this concept!

On the legal immigration side, why are we continuing to allow approximately one million legal immigrants into America each year when over 20 million citizens are are either unemployed or want but cannot find a full-time job?  Of course if we include citizens who are working part-time but want a full-time job and can’t find one and the under-counted unemployed [referred to as the U-6 measure by our U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics] the U.S.A.’s actual unemployment rate is over 13%.  We should basically halt all legal immigration except for legitimate refugees, Americans who marry overseas or have children while overseas, and maybe 10,000 of the incredibly smart who might want to immigrate legally to America — this number would be less than 150,000 per year.

Real Immigration Reform Now

Illegal immigration costs North Carolina taxpayers $1.75 billion net annually. Read the full report click here to learn more about the impact of illegal immigration on NC.

The total cost of illegal immigration on all USA taxpayers is $115 billion net annually. Read the full report click here to learn more about the impact of illegal immigration on the USA.

NC Listen advocates these 4 basic immigration policies to combat illegal immigration and increasing legal immigration:

  1. Enforce Immigration Laws and Control Our Borders
  2. No More Amnesties
  3. Return to Lower, More Sensible Legal Immigration
  4. No additional “Guest Worker” Programs; Require E-Verify – Americans Need Jobs

You can learn more about these policy recommendations on our Policy Page.

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