NC LISTEN supports the following immigration policy recommendations:

Enforce Immigration Laws
Existing laws requiring apprehension and deportation of all illegal aliens in the U.S.A must be enforced. Today our interior enforcement is dangerously weak. Increase the manpower and technology of our US Border Patrol and fund and complete new designed fence on strategic sections (most) of our southern border. Expedite the completion of an entry-exit database by mandating the inclusion of data on all foreign visitors. Require all employers to use the federal government’s E-Verify System to verify worker eligibility (new and existing workers). Fine employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants. Do NOT allow illegal immigrants to acquire a state driver’s license or driving privilege.

No More Amnesties
We oppose additional amnesties granting legal status or citizenship to illegal aliens. Amnesties reward illegal behavior and unnecessarily encourage more illegal entry into the U.S.A. Restrict government benefits, other than emergency care, to illegal immigrants.

Return to Sensible Legal Immigration
Reduce legal immigration to 250,000 per year to allow the U.S.A. to better respond to our high unemployment rate and adequately deal with Homeland Security concerns.

No Additional “Guest Worker” Programs
There are very few, if any, “jobs Americans won’t do”. There are far more jobs Americans use to do that are now being done by illegal immigrants at low wages and, frequently, off-the-books. Allow our free market system to determine the wages at which Americans will do jobs. Allowing mass immigration simply distorts worker supply and demand and artificially drives down wages. This is no longer just a low-skilled worker phenomenon.

NC Listen proposes legislation at the both the state and federal level to tackle these immigration problems. Learn more about NC Listen’s Recommended State Legislation and Federal Legislation.

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