Federal Legislation


  • Enforce existing immigration laws and fund previously passed but unfunded provisions of the laws.
  • Finish within one year the implementation of the REAL ID Act.
  • Phase in the requirement for all employers to use the federal government’s E-Verify System to verify new and existing worker eligibility.
  • Enforce restrictions on illegal aliens working in America and fine employers who knowingly hire illegals. Increase the number of worksite inspections and increase the fines for repeat offenders. Hire 10,000 more ICE agents.
  • Control our borders.  Fund and complete new designed fence along strategic parts (most) of our southern border.  Hire more border patrol agents and use the National Guard at our borders when necessary.
  • Reinstate and fund the 287g Program to give local & state law enforcement the authority to detain illegal aliens within the course of their regular duties. Expand and fund the Secure Communities Program.
  • Lessen the time it now takes for removal of deportable aliens.
  • Reduce overall legal immigration level to 250,000 per year and strengthen security checks for all, but especially refugees. Reduce unnecessary work visas, with additional attention to the abuse of H-1B high tech visas.
  • Enhance the sharing of information between federal agencies.
  • Increase funding for the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program to help states pay for illegal alien incarceration.
  • Deny federal funds to states and local governments who refuse to enforce immigration laws where applicable, or who operate as “sanctuary cities”.
  • Discontinue the Visa Lottery program.
  • Finish the implementation of the OBIM biometric (formerly US VISIT) system now.
  • Deny any efforts to implement the North America Union/Security and Prosperity Partnership [SPP] and any other trade agreements which would in effect erase borders and cause a loss of our national sovereignty and in effect increase immigration. Intra-company transferee regs and guest worker regs should be tightened and safeguards provided to prevent abuse. Stop guest workers in trade deals from becoming permanent workers.
  • Take steps to reduce the number of legal migrant farm workers (H-2A visas) over time to encourage American farmers to further mechanize and automate. Provide federal funds to selected US Agricultural Universities and partner with the Ag industry to quicken the process to develop new technologies for automation and mechanization.
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