NC Legislation


  • Require a valid passport for all non-citizens to apply for a NC driver’s license. State law should officially mandate that a NC driver’s license is only available to those legally present in our state. Rescind all earlier NC drivers licenses issued to those without a valid Social Security number and have them reapply.
  • A greater tightening should occur to make sure non-emergency services and government benefits should be denied to illegal immigrants as federal law will allow. Always use the SAVE [Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements] Program to verify eligibility of recipients and document all benefits given to non-citizens.
  • Pass a statute to prevent illegal immigrants from enrolling in NC Community Colleges and the University of North Carolina (sixteen campuses) System.
  • Modify state E-Verify law to require companies with five or more employers to use the federal government’s E-Verify System by August, 2020. Our current state E-Verify law is weak and filled with loopholes.
  • Business deductions for NC tax purposes cannot be claimed above $600 for any worker who is not legally present in the USA.
  • Impose an excise tax of 10% on wire transfers originating in NC, when the transferor of the wire transfer is an illegal alien.

Contact NC LISTEN for info to press for passage of these bills. For more information about how states can request legal review, go to IRLI (Immigration Reform Law Institute)

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