The Democrat Leadership Wants Evermore Syrian Refugees and Are Now Calling Illegals from Central America, Refugees

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

The Democrat leadership wants more refugees from Syria to come to the USA and is encouraging evermore illegals from Central America to come to the USA.

Read the story below on exploding numbers of Syrian refugees to the USA and exploding numbers of illegals from Central America now being processed as refugees.

President Obama has misused the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program, similar to several of his unlawful executive orders on immigration. Pushing past the current 10,000, he will allow more Syrians refugees in the USA beyond Congressional limits in a “back door” move. Obama’s irresponsible use of TPS for Syrian refugees puts our homeland security at risk again, because we cannot adequately do background security checks on these refugees. Democrat Congresswoman Judy Chu from California recently said concerning Syrian refugees, “good start, but we can take at least ten times more”.

Given Hillary Clinton’s comments on more refugees and her promise to go around Congress if they don’t do what she wants on immigration, one can expect more of the same from a “President Hillary”.

We also have an exploding number of illegal immigrants from Central America being allowed to come to the USA under the guise of being refugees. Even using the loose standards of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the illegals from Central America do not qualify as refugees. But this does not deter the Democrat leadership nor Hillary. The Obama administration is currently using Costa Rica as a processing location for Central American illegals to be transferred and processed as refugees before being moved to the USA. So let me get this straight……illegals who speak Spanish are being moved to Costa Rica at our expense for processing to escape so-called unsafe conditions in their own country…..but wait, why can’t they stay in Costa Rica or Panama or Mexico instead of being moved through all those Hispanic countries to the USA? Sadly many African-Americans in Detroit and Chicago would have a greater chance to leave the USA by definition as refugees, given their awful unsafe situation.

Go to the weblink below for two short videos discussing and detailing this dangerous action on Syrian refugees.

Click on this link “Weblink to More Syrian Refugees in the USA.

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